Press Quotes

"The major work was Robert Schumann's E-Flat Piano Quartet. Violinist Robert Lawrence, violist Joel Rudin, cellist E. Zoe Hassman, and pianist Jean Strickholm brought full romantic expression to the work."

Paul Somers, Classical New Jersey

"Violinist Lawrence and pianist Anderson combined for a compelling performance of Brahms' final violin sonata. Both provided large heroic gestures as Lawrence's big sound and Anderson's ability to find Brahms full-handed spirit merged with great energy."

Paul Somers, Classical New Jersey

"Pianist Strickholm, cellist Hassman and violinist Lawrence grippingly conveyed every ounce of the composer's intensity. Dynamics were perfectly controlled, enhancing the emotionality, focusing the energy, and giving definition to the large shapes and smaller forms of Schumann's thoughts."             

Robert W. Butts, Classical New Jersey

"Their musicianship is fully matured, beautifully literate and capable of projecting the style of the period without sacrificing their own feelings for music, regardless of it's place in History." 

 The Record

Awards and Grants


    Artistic Excellence Award - Bergen Country Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs.

    Official Recognition - Bicentennial Commission of New Jersey


    National Endowment for the Arts

   The Community Concerts are made possible in part by a grant administered by the Bergen County Division of Cultural and Historic Affairs from funds granted by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

    Meet the Composer

    Chamber Music America

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